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Our diversity consulting service is all about delivering solutions tailored to your business to ensure the successful implementation of your diversity strategy. Our diversity service is supported by BDC Marketing Intelligence providing you with a full range of diversity auditing tools to ensure your business capitalises on the diversity dividend.

We help you increase business performance through:


  • We help you engage with your staff to uncover your unrealized resources through
    • A consultative and collaborative approach to diversity, identifying opportunities.
    • A structured strategic process and rigorous analysis of data.
    • Comprehensive report profiling your entire business.
    • A full presentation of results to all staff at key milestones during the program.

With productivity needing to derive from intellectual capital, not just tangible capital assets, organisations need to put in place programs that maximise the contributions their employees bring.

We deliver strategic commercial solutions based on our diversity insights by:


  • We develop rich solutions to complex challenges knowing the attitudes, expectations and requirements of your employees.
    • Policies in place to attract, retain the right mix of talent.
    • Optimise staff morale and team dynamics.
    • Establish work/life balance, work flexibility and planning programs.
    • Establish common ground and goals of both the company and its staff to work towards.


  • We put in place workshops tailored to key findings that maximise the contributions their employees bring by
    • Uncovering the diverse intellectual capital within your team
    • Encouraging genuine staff involvement and contributions to decision making.
    • New and different thinking which helps business flourish and thrive. 
    • Fostering a culture that encourages and rewards diversity.


  • Our program workshops will have you organisation functioning at its full potential, transforming your business culture to an innovation culture.
    • Generating new ideas and new solutions.
    • Identifying existing and future innovation opportunities.
    • Creating new business models thst integrate the values of today's society and helping business capitalise on congruency best practice.