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2042 The leading minority

Sometimes it’s important to take note of the small things and not get caught up in the complex world of management and leadership methods.  Let’s focus on the little things, our own biases, for instance. Perception can be corrosive and gradually destructive.

I watched today’s video and thought about how perceptions of ‘majority Vs minority’ do not really help the development of the feminist debate.  In the video the comedian makes the point that in 2042 when whites will be the minority. He then makes the point that this perception of minority is only real when the remaining ‘other’ non white group form a  united front.  This issue has confronted the feminist debate for a long time now, with women around the world, being separated - rather than forming a united front.  The separation is often based on fickle difference, such as race, ethnicity, religion and even work status and profession.  These differences have been successfully used to divide the world’s women, whom form a global oppressed majority. 

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When "boys will be boys!"

I often hear gender differences described in permissible ways. The question that always comes to mind when this occurs is –what are the assumptions that are behind any cliché statements such as ‘boys will be boys’. 

There are four simple tools to help you on your way in freeing your thinking and help you maximize the potential of those around you including your children.

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Debunking the myth that sex sells!!!

The myth that sex sells has been a favoured topic of mine.  It always draws a big crowd. 

It amuses me as to how many myths we have in society and how many people consider them to be factual.  So my myth bunking series is always fun and an easy way to get people to look at the world in new ways.

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Happiness - business policy and leadershiip

Happiness has been a marketing tool, and used commonly as a hook to connect with consumers.  In today’s market place, happiness cannot be marketed in the fickle ways of the past, but need to be developed to ensure long term sound policy that really does change the way we feel.

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Why business as usual is not possible.

The business landscape has changed.  With the previous generation leaving a business legacy that is vastly poorer, in many ways, than any other generation in history.  The state of business  that the incoming Gen Y leaders are inheriting  is one that is much more inequitable in terms of resources and pay structures. This applies in both the First and Thirld World. Natural resources are being depleted and many business processes are still largely unsustainable.

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Gamification, diversity & social entrepreneurship


Social media can help to achieve such a huge range of goals...

For a corporation to flourish, it needs to be freed from the pressure of the singular profit motive. The model shows how a corporation can actively ‘invest’ in the future of the society, across four societal quadrants. Corporations need to focus on all four quadrants; these are: Social Values, Health and Wellbeing, Sustainability and the Environment. 

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Australian advertising to combat obesity

The easy availability of junk food and our busy lives leads to poor planning habits regarding cooking. Healthy eating is organised eating. And organisation is part of social policy. A part of this is countering advertising which has encouraged short cuts that have suited us immensely.

This is a great unspoken source of the power of junk food, not simply its convenience, yes that is part of it, but its appeal lies in the ease of its integration into the way we live, work and shop.

The pervasiveness of foods high in fat, sugar and salt and their advertising has made healthy eating more difficult.

Hopefully ads like this will help redefine junk food as harmful as opposed to a convenient treat that placates children.

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Is sexism negatively impacting your bottom line?

Recently I was asked to assess a business and I could see it was sexism that was costing them business. They were blindly unaware of what was holding them back. They thought their views about women were hidden, yet however subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) their unconscious bias, was affecting how they related to their customers and clients. This was costing them business.   

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Authentic Leaders to the rescue














Sex sells’. I hear this often as a justification to objectify women in advertising, yet the reality behind this shortcut approach is that sex does NOT sell - it never has.  The sexualised images you see in advertising are about selling power and control.  The message is something like this: ‘Buy a certain product’ and ‘control your environment.’   The execution of this message by definition needs to demonstrate a transition from being powerless to one that is powerful, and usually comes at the cost of portraying someone as submissive.

This is a selling technique that sells the illusion of power, and has very little to do with sex.

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Social enterprise thinking in action


The future is about transforming old practices and making new ones viable. This business model is set up based on one man's search for meaning, and shows how his trip to Australia changed his life forever.

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