2042 The leading minority

Sometimes it’s important to take note of the small things and not get caught up in the complex world of management and leadership methods.  Let’s focus on the little things, our own biases for instance. Perception can be corrosive and gradually destructive.

I watched today’s video and thought about how perceptions of ‘majority Vs minority’ do not really help the development of the feminist debate.  In the video the comedian makes the point that in 2042, whites will be the minority. He then makes the point that this perception of minority is only real when the remaining ‘other’ non white group form a united front.  This issue has confronted the feminist debate for a long time now, with women around the world being separated - rather than forming a united front.  The separation is often based on a difference, such as race, ethnicity, religion and even work status and profession.  These differences have been successfully used to divide the world’s women, whom form a global oppressed majority. 

The following article, taken from a previous blog, showed this lack of female unification in action when women  “rated the male student more competent, more likely to be hired, deserving of a better salary, and worth spending more time mentoring. The gaps were significant."

Female scientists rate male students as more competent, more deserving of a better salary and worth spending more time mentoring. Inequality will just continue unless we act on it.  Let it sink in, “more likely to be hired, deserving of a better salary and worth spending more time mentoring.”

So here is the rub;

“Female scientists were as likely as male scientists to evaluate the students this way. For instance, the scientists were asked to rate the students' competence on a 5-point scale. Male faculty rated the male student 4.01 and the female student 3.33. Female scientists rated the male student 4.10 and the female student 3.32.”

Gender stereotyping is so entrenched, even in women. With a lack of mentoring and lower starting salaries we can expect a decline in the number of women in science. A study like this gets to the heart of the matter and speaks volumes as to why women are still falling behind. It’s not a matter of going off to have babies; it’s a deep seated historical bias that we must all address inside ourselves first.  Time to redefine the global status of women and an uplifted majority, paving the way for women as girls.  But sadly as the video points out this is not so easy, as white people managed to be successful even when they were in the minority, so it’s not like in 2042 there will be s significant shift, unless we do something ourselves.  And the time for change is now.

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