Debunking the myth that sex sells!!!

The myth that sex sells has been a favoured topic of mine.  It always draws a big crowd. 

It amuses me as to how many myths we have in society and how many people consider them to be factual.  So my myth bunking series is always fun and an easy way to get people to look at the world in new ways.

So back to today’s video, it explores the current media landscape, one that is full of imagery of women being exploited. The sole purpose of these images is to create a feeling of powerfulness in men.  This feeling of powerfulness is derived from conquering something!  You know the old saying, man conquers beast!  So my question to you in this context is,  is this feeling really sustainable in the context of conquering another person?    

When we look at these images, they do test positively in market research - with some men.  My understanding of the market is that, on the whole, most men do not need to prove themselves in these sorts of ways. 

In fact when you probe further, the men who test positively towards these images often have unresolved hatred towards women.  I guess that sexism is defined right here, and we live in society where sexism is the norm.  So why do we need to promote healthy attitudes toward women and girls.  The idea that ‘it’s all a bit of fun’ is not enough to answer this question and is also challenged in the video.  Exploitation is NEVER a bit of fun, its bullying.   

In addition to the impact on the victim, the pressure on the bully to maintain control in these unrealistic ways is not healthy for them either.

I saw big name brands such as BMW in the video.  Funny how power brands like to portray images of men in control, at the expense of women.  To appeal to one segment at the expense of another does not make business sense. 

In today’s market, businesses need to take the higher moral ground, and stand for a brand positioning that is sustainable and inspirational, inclusive and not exclusive and provides hope for society and consumer at large.  

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