Happiness - business policy and leadershiip

Happiness has been a marketing tool, to connect with consumers.  In today’s market place, happiness cannot be marketed in the fickle ways of the past, but need to be developed to ensure long term sound policy that really does change the way we feel. 

Gross National Happiness- a whole new focus that changes the paradigm

The Himalayan state of Bhutan is a global leader in sustainable development. One of its initiatives is in adopting wholly organic farming techniques. (And they are not the only ones, many countries are following in their footsteps).

Bhutan strives towards equitable socio-economic development, preservation of culture, conservation of the environment and good governance. Its social, economic, political and spiritual foundations are based on the idea of Gross National Happiness. An indicator of quality of life coined in Bhutan, it is based on the idea that the beneficial development in society takes place when material and personal development complement each other.

Towards this end, the UNDP-UNEP Poverty-Environment Initiative in helps to ensure that environmentally sustainable considerations remain an integral part of the country’s national development plans. A commitment to carbon neutrality and environmental considerations are enshrined into its Constitution.

But what can those of us who do not live in Bhutan do?

Sustainable leadership is about delivering value by creating a culture of problem solving that will seek new ground need to work out solutions.

It involves getting support from senior management. Ask yourself how to engage shareholders, how do we engage the board? How do we engage employees and what will motivate them to help and implement sustainable solutions in their day to day work?

What can you do in other peoples department? 

You will need to see the company as the complex system it is.

Prioritise. What is important to your company now? If you don’t have many resources you will need to focus on what can be done quickly easily and cheaply that will have immediate impact.

Tracking measurable targets and reporting progress is important. Can you track energy wastage and energy consumption?

What are the impacts on company profits and efficiency of the practices you wish to implement?

There is much to consider but the work towards sustainability is important and much needed. The task is made easier by the fact that many businesses are adopting sustainable business practices. THEKEY2- executive team has expertise from paddock to plate to help you and your business.  Call us to see if there is a project we can help you with.


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