Book Raves

"A pithy and thought-provoking book, which unmasks dinosaur leaders within dinosaur businesses who just do not ‘get it’ when it comes to unlocking fresh thinking on diversity and the gender dividend.

This book gets to the core of what is currently holding back business.  Poor leadership, dysfunctional culture, bad management practices and resistance to change no longer have a place in progressive management ... gender diversity is a business issue not a gender issue.  The book’s call to action for a better way is appropriate, but it requires more progressive leadership at the top.

If the gender diversity dividend is to be delivered, new leaders must create a culture that not only is seen to foster diversity, but actually does it.  This book makes it clear that 30% critical mass within senior management is the key to achieving gender diversity at board level...This is the dual challenge for business.”

Graham Robertson, CEO 23 years’ experience, Former Vice-President and Managing Director McCORMICK Foods Australia and Current Board Member


"I would like to congratulate you for your commitment to such critical issues for the role and the position of women. It is a very interesting and useful book."  

MEP Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou, Vice-President of the European Parliament (2007-2012)





"This is the first book I have read from author Halinka Panzera. I liked it. The book coalesces around the idea that the corporate/government workplace is evolving (increased emphasis on inclusion meaningful contribution "A seat at the table") IS possible AND desirable, with insightful, evolving, and confident people leading the way -- each embracing change by fostering diverse thoughts, ideas and perspectives. We need leaders and influencers who think about familiar problems in new ways and who are not held back by homogenous thinking patterns, with ‘new’ ideas being included, not just represented.

I found particularly interesting the strategies for developing a team of broader-minded leaders, with balanced outlooks incorporating wider societal characteristics and priorities in their business decision-making.

It is important to notes we are ALL in this mix together looking for a better and more effective way for business to run.Unless organizations/leaders overcome poor management practices, favoritism, resistance to change, inclusive organizations, and other best practices there will be limited results.This is not a gender issue, this is not a mixed generational issue, this is not a management issue--this is a PERSONAL RESPECT ISSUE--Fixable ONLY when we value each other for our skills, talents and abilities and foster inclusive and diverse thinking in our organizations. GREAT job Halinka!!"

Skip Pettit, President Int. Training Consortium & Chief Learning Officer/Director Training Thought Leadership Conference      

"What is most unusual about Halinka Panzera’s first work is that whilst the tone is clearly of someone who is angry about her treatment at the hands of the corporate dinosaurs, she is not out for revenge, nor does she turn her back on the corporate world.  Rather, despite her many frustrations, she offer many positive suggestions.  In particular the book identifies a range of issues and areas where the corporate world can heal itself, recruit a broader cohort of people, especially men and women with families and lives beyond the workplace, and develop a more collegiate approach to the collectivist work of running a business.  Her recommendations are sound, based in common sense and clearly paint a bright future for a more collegiate approach to corporate life.

The work has a particularly interesting structure.  The chapters start without any hints as to what is happening or what to expect, a clear reference to Halinka’s “manual free” experience in the corporate world.  However, each chapter has a revision list wherein she shares her valuable and instructive insights and learnings from her own pointed experience.  The SUPER MODEL in question will be an interesting surprise.

Written in an informal style with just a hint of irony, this is a particularly helpful read for those who have been spat out of, or escaped from, the corporate world and wondered “what happened there”.  Those currently in the corporate world looking for “a better way” will also find the book enjoyable and informative."

Dr Paul Whitelaw, Senior Lecturer, School of International Business at Victoria University

“I just finished reading your book- I must say I could not put it down and I wanted to thank you for summing up the current challenges in the work place particularly for women. As an ex corporate director in the Finance and IT sectors; the book really struck a chord with me, it is indeed very funny and insightful, and the case studies are a very accurate depiction of what is really going on behind closed doors.

There is definitely an urgent and important goal to make positive changes for a more empowering and effective workplace. Women need to be able to really ‘see’ what is going on and this book is a real eye opener- in order to fix problems we need to first be aware of them and this book does not hold back. "

A real conversation starter- to get business moving in the right direction. Every corporate citizen including "Leaders" at all levels in the workplace should read this book and collaborate for a more conducive and effective work environment for all.”

Rachael Mah, Ex Corporate Director, Finance and IT sector

"I have never really been into “the gender thing”, but reading this book has made me wonder why I have not, and wonder if I should be.  You can’t deny the data.  The stats are quite damning.  There are many complex, interconnected problems that need to be solved – not just for the benefit of women, but for men, families, society and organisations as a whole.   

Diversity of thinking with functional leadership and systems is the key.  This book has made me reflect on my own experiences in the workplace – in operations across resources, FMCG and food and dairy – and made me question how I have succeeded as a  female engineer in a male dominated profession, especially with the life changing transition into motherhood.  I had not been aware of the issues that women can face. 

This book has opened my eyes.  Now it’s time for action."

Kathleen Davies Director, HAZOP Leader / Lean to Green Facilitator, Ekkremon Pty Ltd

The need for this book and a new way of working is becoming more and more apparent every day.  The ‘dinosaur’ behaviours that we see every day in many workplaces (not just corporate) perpetuate poor quality output, intellectual dullness and disgraceful politicking.   This mission to replace the desperate chase for money and power with a balanced, caring approach to developing people, ideas and our beautiful world needs all the support it can amass.  Halinka’s work is not just inspirational, it is necessary.  Looking at a working model that is founded on sustainability/longevity and productivity is an absolute no-brainer – it is good for business and the stats are there to prove it.  The ideas in the book are just the beginning, there are exciting solutions and opportunities in every direction – Halinka and her team have opened the door with TheKey2.  Watch this space, I am.

 Stephanie Asher One Purple Pony Communications




“Loved it” - challenges in the work/business environment – needed to be voiced, good on you. As a business owner of 12 years and the director of Women in Business Network (WIB); the book really hit home with the challenges I hear women speak of in their leaderships roles. 

Before any positive changes can be made for equality – we first need to be aware and open about the fact they exist – your book delivers this message.

Any person in a leadership role, both men and women should read this book – to understand their work place in full, create a discussion and therefore ideally lead to positive changes."

Sharon Melios, Women in Business Network (Tasmania) Director.

"This book, and the subject matter, would be great taught to young women thinking of entering the corporate world - Halinka is living proof that excellence smashes through the glass ceiling / double standards."

Marguerite Louis Amor, "The Funtrepreneur"